Smart Card Protocol T0/T1

T=0/T=1 protocol
There are two standardised data exchange protocols defined in ISO/IEC 7816-3 for the communication between a Smart Card and a terminal: the byte-oriented half duplex transmission protocol T=0 and the block-oriented half duplex protocol T=1. The character-oriented T=0 protocol is very simple constructed and has a low memory capacity (about 300 Byte). The block-oriented T=1 protocol is a half-duplex protocol and works with error detection (EDC) at the end of block. The memory requirement is about 1.100 Byte.
The Smart Card and the terminal exchange data with the help of these protocols.

T=0, T=1 is supported by COMPRION’s tools for
– Terminal and Handset Testing: IT³ Platform, IT³ Prove!, Prove 2
– Smart Card Testing: ICC Spectro, Spectro 2
– Interoperability Testing and Spying: IT³ Move!, Move 2

T=CL:- This is used in contactless smart card to communicate between reader and card. It send data in block stream between reader and card in half duplex protocol

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