Best online crm software : Roboeyelabs

Customer satisfaction is the basic need for any company for sales to service desk, e-commerce application, accounting, survey. Crm provides you all the the features in single place with gathering data for customer from different sources by interaction, social media, analytics. With creating report on that data company can approach customer with better service.

Roboeyelabs is the free online software for companies which want to use crm but have very less money or no money.It is world’s lowest price crm with all feature which has a salesforce or any large crm have.

Fetaures is like

  1. Lead management
  2. Opportunity Management
  3. Contact Management
  4. Accounts Management
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Case management
  7. File management
  8. Dynamic report creation
  9. Marketing Email
  10. Survey Creation
  11. Inventory
  12. Omni channel
  13. Quotes/ Invoice
  14. Workflows
  15. Approval processes
  16. Products inventory
  17. Automation of sales
  18. Custom object/field unlimited gives you the features as many as possible with lowest price. If any features is required and not in application, let us know at

It is a salesforce alternative with low price and better service.

Roboeyelabs Crm: A cloud crm

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