How to make Html page


  • Text Editor
  • Internet Browser(Chrome or Internet Explorer)


When you open web page on the internet, the browser doing a lot of work. The browser reads the all necessary files (Html, Css, Javascript) and create process them and create a web page that looks we see.

Step 1: Open text Editor

Open simple text editor. It shoud not be word processor. It shuld be simple editor which show data same as you write.

STEP 2: Write html code

To write html page some basisc code should be written. Within basic structure, within body tag you can write whatever you want to show in browser

Step 3: Save file

After writing the code, yoou have to save file to run in browser. You have to remember few things while saviing file
1. Save file with .html extension like demo_first.html
2. File should not have special character. Only contain dash(-) or underscore(_)

Step 4: Open file in browser

Open web browser. It can be internet explorer or chrome(preffered). Go to file->open and select your file. You will be able to see file data as Hello world As it is in body tag.  

Step 5: congrates

Congrates. Your web page is ready. Now you have created first html page of your website. You are on the way to web designer. For more tags which will be used within body tag to format design in web page you can refer

Thank you for reading!