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Send Message

You can send messages and updates to team group using rest services.


You can connect your bugcutter team group with other platform using this api. Whenever any changes or notificaion done on your working platform and you want to notify team on bugcutter, you can send message  to team group using this apis. With help of this api, you don’t need to manually update team group. You have to setup rest api invocation service and an send message.

If you are youtube channel subscriber and want to notify team, you can setup a service hookup and whenever you upload video ,, team will be updated with self service. You post article on website and want to notify team, you can setup thia api calliing service and message will be send to all team.

Url : https://bugcutter.com/index.php/rest/bugcutter_sendmessage/team_notification

Parameter :  team_api_token : {{your team token}}

message : {{Message you want to send}}

user_id : {{User id of admin }}


Send Message




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