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Onboard Your Team

Way to go! You’ve set up your team, associated your Bugcutter boards, and invited everyone. 🙌

Here are some more resources to help your new team get going:

    1. Set up an info session to go over Bugcutter basics with your team. Explain the key concepts, benefits of using Bugcutter (like getting group perspective on your work), and go over the workflows of the Bugcutter boards you’ve created so that everyone is on the same page.

#BugcutterTips:Use this handy slide deck we’ve created to go over key Bugcutter concepts and features with your team.

  1. Share the Getting Started Guide and take a deep dive into all of the features that Bugcutter has to offer.
  2. Take some time out for you and your team to attend or watch a few webinars and share what you’ve learned.
  3. Share our Team Playbooks page so your team can get some ideas on how Bugcutter can be used to get more done and give your entire company perspective.
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