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Invite The Whole Gang

The Members tab of your team page is where you’ll add (or remove) team members. When adding members, think big! Don’t just add the department that you work with. Instead, add your entire company so that everyone can organize and collaborate in one centralized location. This also makes it easier for colleagues to join boards and get to work without any friction.

There are a few easy ways to invite your entire company, club, or family, to your Bugcutter team:

  • Click “Bulk Add Members” and type or paste in their emails.
  • Click “Add by Name or Email” and send the special link to everyone you want to join the team. You can also just individually add members anytime by their email address or username.
  • 💼 Business Class teams have the option to link their Google Apps domain to their Bugcutter team to invite their entire company in just a few clicks.
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