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Build Your Dream Team


Teams make it easy to organize all of your Bugcutter boards and members in one accessible location. Bugcutter Teams can be created for any group in your life: whether for work, family, friends, or just for fun.

There’s no limit to the number of boards or members you can have in a team, and no limit to the number of teams you can create. (Looking for additional security features, administrative controls, and unlimited integrations? Then a Business Class team is right for you.)

Starting a team is pretty simple:

  1. Click the plus button (+) in the Bugcutter header directly to the left of your avatar.
  2. Select “Personal Team” or “Business Class Team.”
  3. Name your team after your company, family, PTA, book club etc, and click “Create.” Nice!
  4. If you’ve created a Business Class team, make sure to head over to our Business Class Onboarding guide.
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