Board Basics

A Bugcutter board only has four key components, but comes with unlimited possibility:

Boards – A board represents a project or a place to keep track of information. Whether you are launching a new website, or planning a vacation, a Bugcutter board is the place to organize your tasks and collaborate with your colleagues, family, or friends.

Lists – Lists keep cards (C) organized in their various stages of progress. They can be used to create a workflow where cards are moved across lists from start to finish, or simply act as a place to keep track of ideas and information. There’s no limit to the number of lists you can add to a board, and they can be arranged however you like.

A basic (but effective) list setup for a board might be simply To Do, Doing, and Done, where cards start in the To Do list and make their way to the Done list. But don’t forget: Bugcutter is truly customizable to your unique needs, so you can name your lists anything you like! Whether it’s basic Kanban, a sales pipeline, a marketing calendar, or project management, what matters most is establishing a workflow for the way your team works.

Cards – The fundamental unit of a board is a card. Cards are used to represent tasks and ideas. A card can be something that needs to get done, like a blog post to be written, or something that needs to be remembered, like company vacation policies. Just click “Add a card…” at the bottom of any list to create a new card, and give it a name like “Pick up the dry cleaning” or “Write a blog post.”

Cards can be customized to hold a wide variety of useful information by clicking on them. Drag and drop cards across lists to show progress. There’s no limit to the number of cards you can add to a board.

Menu – On the right side of your Bugcutter board is the menu—the mission control center for your board. The menu is where you manage members, control settings, filter cards, and enable Power-Ups. You can also see all of the activity that has taken place on a board in the menu’s activity feed. Take some time to check out everything the menu has to offer.

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